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Do you love makeup, but feel overwhelmed by all the products that are out there? Do you find you have been doing the same makeup regimen for decades, and now find your makeup is obsolete and your skin is changing? In a consumer-driven world where marketing companies work competitively to win your financial support, it's easy to become overwhelmed and lost when it comes to all this makeup…but don’t’ worry, that's what I am here for...

Skin preparation? Skin care? Best colors? You'll learn all of that and more. I don’t represent any specific brands so am therefore able to honestly assess what works best for you. Together, we'll customize your look with a one-on-one service provided in the comfort of your home. Whatever your budget is, I will always show you the best products for less… the beauty will be brought to your home, and the fundamentals of makeup will be taught to you. You will get an educational course in makeup application and be able to easily recreate the looks you desire. With the 3 consultation packages I have designed, I can customize a program for your personal situation and personal goals. Please email me for a free consultation overview.

I am Samantha Lennon, your personal makeup artist.

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