Samantha Lennon is a down to earth consultant & freelance makeup artist from The Bronx, NY. Her experience and knowledge as a makeup artist (from a corporate background) of 15 years led her in a direction of creating a business for the hundreds of clients she's had over the years, who were lost when it came to makeup application. This wasn't a small percent, this was the majority. She created personalized beauty consultations and brought the education to ones home and to teach the fundamentals of makeup

Each consultation is completely personalized, and the client receives an educational course in makeup,application & technique and will know how to apply their own makeup by the end of the sessions. She does the heavy lifting for her clients, taking the complicated and often intimidating and overwhelming wealth of products from the shelves right to the comfort of their own home. She started her business back in the recession of 2008 and has never looked back.


Samantha also enjoys writing for and