The Essential Consultation is designed for those who are looking to discover all the ways makeup can be used to accentuate features and/or cover-up flaws. I will begin by communicating with you to identify your goals. Once we agree on a plan, I will visit you at your home and analyze your current makeup situation. I will inventory what makeup and brushes you currently own, and teach you ways to use them in a whole new light.

You will have the opportunity to take notes. I will perform a full step by step tutorial makeover on you, and then you will do it yourself. A full application includes: skin preparation, brushes you will need, foundation and concealer types and which is right for you, lipstick and lip gloss application, eyeshadow and eyeliner application, blush application and the steps for putting it all together.

You and I will work together until I am confident you are able to achieve the looks you desire on your own.

Featuring all the services provided in the Essential Consultation, the State of the Art Consultation includes a day of makeup shopping and a complimentary eyebrow shaping (valued at $30).

The State of the Art Consultation provides you with the complete picture. Your own shopping professional will accompany you to buy the products you need, advise on what is right for you, see first hand what you like and not let you overpay!

The personal makeup shopping will broaden your knowledge of the products that are out there, and will inspire you to change your life through makeup.

This is the next best for someone that is not in the Tri’State area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut). Perfect for the woman who has such a busy schedule, and would rather have her own consultation on her smart phone, ipad, or computer.

Whatever the case, Skype, email, and texting are available and are great ways to communicate. You can fill out a brief survey so we can identify what you need to learn and we will communicate electronically.

This is a new way to do a consultation, for the modern busy woman.