1. Achieving Your Perfect Brow Shape

First you have to figure out where your eyebrow should start - brush brows into place using clean mascara spoolie brush. First at the beginning brushing up ad then over, the way the hairs grow. Place the end of the spoolie along the side of your nose and line it up with the inner corner of your eye. The tip should be at the beginning of your brow line. Use this technique and then mark the tip of your brow at the spot with a dot of brow pencil. To find your arch - tilt the brush so that the handle crosses the center of your iris.

Again, use the tip of the brush to mark the spot with a dot of brow powder. To find where your brow should end - tilt the brush further towards the outer corner of your eye. When it lines up with the outer corner, place another dot of brow pencil so you know where it ends.


2. Trimming and Shaping Brow Hairs

With a clean mascara spoolie, brush brow hairs up following your natural growth. tweeze out hair in excess areas. (Tip: I like to create the shape first with my brow powder and pencil and then take hair from around it. This way I have the shape that I want and don't take any hair off that should have been left there.) Then take a pair of safety scissors to trim stray hairs. I use MAC's safety Scissors. Next, using slant tweezers, tweeze the hairs outside the brow line.

3. For A Soft Look

Place Primer Potion from Urban Decay (just a suggestion) on your brow area, and Dust either an eyebrow powder or an eyeshadow that matches your brows. You will need a semi thick short angled brush.

4. For a Defined Look

Proceed with the above for the Softer Look, except end with an eyebrow pencil to define the brow by connecting all hairs together. Fill in lightly with powder all around to blend.

5. Or, you can simply call Samantha Lennon to come shape them for you. :)